Signature Programs

Signature Mortgage Programs

Consolidate Your Debt & Modify Your Terms

As the housing market shows signs of recovery, you may be ready to jump at the first mortgage company that advertises a low interest rate. Trust us when we tell you doing such is rarely is a good idea. In fact, many housing markets have shifted in favor of home sellers recently, meaning you may face stiff competition. To appear more attractive to mortgage companies, you can get pre-approved for the best possible loan you can qualify for.

The market cost of a home shouldn’t always come between you and your dream home. Our team of mortgage professionals can do everything they can to ensure you don’t have to choose between a quality home and a budget-conscious price. Working with our team can give you access to a variety of great financing options. As your New Hampshire, Massachusetts, and Maine mortgage specialists, our goal is to find the right solution for you no matter how large, small, or unique your dreams may be.

We have a variety of signature mortgage programs for which you may qualify including:

  • Select Opportunity: The Select Opportunity Program is about the equity you have in your home. We monitor home sales on a continuous basis.
  • Quarter Down: We can monitor your daily rate and see if we can lower it by a quarter point or more.
  • Debt Mastery ProgramAre your monthly bills out of control? We can help you reduce your monthly payments and increase your credit score.
  • Term-InatorWe can lower your current rate one-half to five-eighths percent instead of you having to re-cast your mortgage in 30 years.
  • Zero PointsRefinance your current mortgage with our low rate, zero cost program that includes zero points and zero closing costs.

Don’t let the cost of a quality home come between you and your vision. Call us today at (877) 461-7182 to set up an appointment and find out how our signature loan programs can help both you and your budget.