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Mike Gill Issues Statement On Joining The NH Governor's Race


I would like to make this clear. I am not a politician. I am a father and a businessman that found massive corruption throughout our state. I have asked for help only to find out that the officials we elected are a part of the corruption. The Attorney General's Office, the US Attorney, the Courts, they blocked all exits.

You don't see any other volunteers to deal with this issue. I only put an ad out for 10 million dollars for an attorney and I can't get one! What do you think that means? The attorneys all know the size and scope of the corruption! That is what it means! Open your eyes! I have three immunities in Washington right now that are willing to come forward and expose all of these people. It is quite simple. If there is no crime, what is everybody afraid of with these immunities? Will it prove there was no corruption and I was wrong? What do we have to lose? The obvious answer is that they do not want to lose their freedom.

My run for governor could be the only way to handle this corruption. Your vote is a vote against the corruption and a way to clean this up together.

If the Justice Department wants to step in and do their job, I have knees that need replacing and years of fighting every minute of every day. But until they do, I fight. Unless we have a volunteer to replace my efforts. All you need is the courage to stand up against the impossible, and the moral conviction that gives you no choice.


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