Debt Mastery

Debt Elimination with The Mortgage Specialists

Are your monthly bills getting to be too much to handle?

Are you looking to eliminate your debt and increase your monthly cash flow?

Let us help you REDUCE your monthly payments and INCREASE your credit scores with our Debt Mastery Program. With this Signature Program, The Mortgage Specialists, Inc. has helped hundreds of customers struggling with debt by:

  • Lowering their mortgage rate
  • Transferring from an adjustable rate to a fixed rate
  • Combining credit card debt, school loan debt and second mortgages into just one monthly payment

We have even helped customers do all this while also eliminating their private mortgage insurance (PMI).

If you want to eliminate your debt, Contact us today.

Have a FREE in person or in branch consultation with a member of our team of debt consolidation Mortgage Planners. We will review all your debt and present you with a free written debt elimination plan. Just fill out the form to the right and a debt consolidation Mortgage Planner will reach out to you shortly to schedule a time that works around your schedule.

To get you started on the path to eliminate debt and manage your money better, please download our FREE DEBT MASTERY CHECKLIST AND OUR FREE MANAGE YOUR MONEY EBook:

We represent over 15 different lenders and will shop for the best lender and rate for you and your financial situation so you don’t have to. Contact us today to speak with an expert Mortgage Planner and see if our Debt Mastery Program is right for you.