• Cash Out Refinance


    Get Cash for the Things you Need and Further Develop your Financial Situation


    Cash out Refinance with The Mortgage Specialists

    Cash Out Refinance: A cash out refinance allows you to refinance your current mortgage for more than what you currently owe, and then let’s you keep the difference: in cash. Use this cash for:

    • Home Improvements to Increase the Value of your Home
    • Pay for College Tuition or Pay off Student Loans
    • Pay off Credit Card Debt
    • Buy a Second Home
    • Fuel an Emergency Savings Account
    • Pay for Medical Bills

    We represent over 15 different lenders and will shop for the best lender and rate for you and your financial situation so you don’t have to. Contact us today to speak with an expert Mortgage Planner and see if a Cash Out Refinance is right for you.

    Thinking about a Cash Out Refinance for Home Improvements? Click Here for Information on What to Consider.