I understand that some of you are upset at my using the word shitheads on my signs. I want you to know first, I am extraordinarily sensitive to your children, what I am doing is for them, not you.  From all I can see is you are all cowards.  You question the word shithead and not extortion by a senator of your state.  Shaheen and the criminal cover-up of your other senator Ayotte with a Ponzi scheme.  So I am telling you I can say this because it is true.  Yet your issue is with the word shitheads. Wake up, what kind of future do you want for your children.  The law firms in this state control the courts and the politicians. They are controlled by their own self interests.  Ayotte represents McLane law firm and Shaheen owns her own.  The Attorney General in this state has been run by McLane for 30 years. 

    I have proven the corruption with hard evidence. It is only through your own fear that you refuse to see it.

    I will continue to fight for all of those children that have been abused by the family court, that have been victimized by the family court. Lives forever altered, I will fight for you.

    ~Mike Gill

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